Product: Skype for HoloLens

Connect with friends, family, and colleagues using Skype for HoloLens.  You’ll have a new medium to express your creativity, a more efficient way to teach and learn, and a more effective way to visualize your work and share ideas.  They can see what you see and place holograms into your world.  Visit the HoloLens website for more information.

View an example feature case study.

UI Designer
  • Visual Design
  • 3D Content Creation
  • Interaction Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Storyboards
  • Wireframes
  • Previz Video Production
  • Maya
  • Unity 3D
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Visual Studio
  • WordPress
  • Sharing
  • Teaching/Learning
  • Problem Solving/Technical Assistance
  • Presentation/Demonstration
  • Spatial Planning & Decorating

Contributions Across Teams

In addition to Skype, I provided art and design support across the organization on other mixed reality apps and cross team communications.

  • Architectural/City Planning App
  • Initiative Presentations
  • Concept Videos
  • Cross Team Communication
  • MR Set Creation